Towards a Kind World

Hello Kind People,

Hope you all are doing well on this Wonderful Wednesday. It’s a rather gloomy cloudy morning in London today. Well, I hope you have a weather wherever you are today :).

The Kind Find of the Week :

Covid has engulfed the world in a crisis that is not limited to economy but greater than that, it is a humanitarian crisis as well. Families are separated from each other. People cannot visit their loved ones. The care ones have been impacted the most. Being vulnerable, the risk is high but there is also a greater crisis that stares at them. The crisis of loneliness when loved ones are not able to physically come to give a hug or share a Sunday meal. There is no doubt technology has helped bridge some of the distances but the power of a hug is hundred times warmer than the Zoom calls.

Without further ado, our find of the week is a beautiful project started by a 16 year school student in London. It is called the Community Senior Letters. Nina Andersen is the founder of this beautiful idea which is to involve school children in writing letters to residents of community care homes. How beautiful it is this idea that is all about compassion, empathy and kindness. We have written to Nina and hope she accepts our invitation to feature on one of our podcast that we plan to release. I have also written to her for involvement in this project in my own little way. Here is something to make you smile :) Do check out their website and instagram handle.

While we get engrossed in our lives, take that time out to share a smile or few words that can uplift the spirits of the senior community.

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Reflection for the week :

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Random Fact :

Did you know that researchers think that Oxytocin might have some play in the traits that people display with regard to kindness.

These "nicer" versions of the genes, says Poulin, "allow you to overcome feelings of the world being threatening and help other people in spite of those fears.

Read more about it on Science Daily

That was all for this week.

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Stay Kind and Stay Safe.

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